Harbor the Child

I panicked and woke up in the middle of the night, dreading to face work but also unwilling to take responsibility half asleep. Soon, anxiety about “what might happen if I don’t?” presented itself cloaked in responsibility. A thought followed. You’re not responsible — at least not as much — when you’re a kid. But it becomes […]

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Feeling the Pain

It is easy to be washed up by changing tides of thoughts, especially when there’s pain to feel. Already washed up to the shore by then pain. But, attached to it is the obligation of feeling. Our ability to choose whether to acknowledge or ignore the pain is based on both, the amount of pain […]

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I often spend time in between mental battles. And the joysticks are not in my hands, so it’s not very rejoicing. By the time, I am finished memorizing the description of the character I see fighting like a sight from the ancient battles for possession of great kingdoms. The size of my ego cannot actually […]

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Chain Reaction

The essence of “living in the moment” is a conundrum to many of the humans. But, I also believe that being fond of history – however young or old – is miraculous, at times. Most of these miracles happen in our daily lives and we don’t give a dime about them. Take for instance, our […]

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Too Late to be Drowsy?

Hands of the wall-clock quietly pass through midnight and the only things left to address from the day are mistakes. Mistakes that embarrassed you, or made you scared of being embarrassed. Mistakes – some are new, most others are repeated. Sometimes in the moments, the dynamics of a set of fallacious principles governing our ability […]

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Observing Strongly

It may have something to do with the habit of day-dreaming, but for some, conversations are more vibrant and sometimes more noisy. The brain cycles between listening, understanding, judging, countering, and winning an imaginary argument. But you don’t always win arguments, some you lose. Which is why you choose not to say what might make […]

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The Circle Problem

More than as it might seem to you dear reader a problem of geometry, this is a conundrum about the dynamics of desire. Desires to me are like checkpoints in a racing video game, but in a race that lasts much longer. You run towards achieving one golden landmark and it doesn’t last any longer […]

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Unfinished Drafts

There’s a desire to finish unfinished work but life rolls down hills faster than a cat’s reflexes. That’s why I am afraid of being on the sides of hills. I love them when I have solid ground to stand on. Plants tinker me but insects make me insecure. I am okay creepy-crawlies as long as […]

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Cliché at First Sight

I started the blog not to cut my ties with insanity with a sickle, neither to stub the burning desire to know about knowing more than I do right now, but to pluck the thorns of fears from the flowery bunch of experiences. I would focus on echoing on things that relieving but I would […]

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