Cliché at First Sight

I started the blog not to cut my ties with insanity with a sickle, neither to stub the burning desire to know about knowing more than I do right now, but to pluck the thorns of fears from the flowery bunch of experiences. I would focus on echoing on things that relieving but I would also address some pains in the universal hole.

I abuse long guitar solos in songs about depression like horse – though I’ve never had a chance to ride her in person. I also like talking about my open-looped thoughts which might be strong enough to wrap some like clouds, while for some other they might pass through like invisible air.

I wanna credit my anxiety for pushing me to start and my dear friend Cy Baba for the equipment – both, material and emotional. The same anxiety also made anxious about how to blog, what to write (or, precisely where to start with the least possibility of being judged). Cy Baba is the medium through which nature conveys its lessons to me.


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