Observing Strongly

It may have something to do with the habit of day-dreaming, but for some, conversations are more vibrant and sometimes more noisy. The brain cycles between listening, understanding, judging, countering, and winning an imaginary argument.

But you don’t always win arguments, some you lose. Which is why you choose not to say what might make you look like a four-legged herbivore.

Sometimes, words fail to pass, while pushing hard makes it worse. It’s easy to drown in the tornado of thoughts, especially when you’re insignificant in front of the wind currents.

A desire to live remains, so you try to grab hold of a trustable tree’s trunk.


It’s terrible when everything is noise and cloudy. There’s a suction pump drawing your energy and using it to feed an undesirable closet monster.

You try too hard to connect, too hard to appreciate, to love, trying too hard to not fail. But, the pendulum swings between cycles of the only two choices there have been in the universe.

Funny, we forget the use of our three-dimensal understanding the moment we get high on cortisol.

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