The Circle Problem

More than as it might seem to you dear reader a problem of geometry, this is a conundrum about the dynamics of desire. Desires to me are like checkpoints in a racing video game, but in a race that lasts much longer.

You run towards achieving one golden landmark and it doesn’t last any longer than your pursuit. The moment you reach the nth of the desire points, it vanishes and instantly another appears. Sometime, you have to spin around to find it but you do instinctively, like the needle of a compass gravitating towards home of the malamute.


You run after the (n+1)th desire and the mysterious series continues. Sometimes, it’s also like attending the same problem dressed in a different gown. But you identify it by the face. Mostly.

Sometime, your head is too weighed down with circle problems that you can’t afford enough energy to lift your head and sniff for a face. The second chance of identification is by reading how you deal with it or, if you’re like me, wait until everything’s on fire and you throw yourself into the pyres.

You come out scarred with your skin hanging loose at places, and then entropy kicks your butt out. It’s up to you, if you want to stand up and bear the weight or sit there and let the skin sag.

I don’t favour either because I wish there was no fire in the first place. But if there’s no option but to burn, why not choose a better place?

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